3 Useful Progressive Slots Tips to Win the Jackpot

blog post - 3 Useful Progressive Slot Machine Tips to Win the Jackpot

We all know that a progressive slot is a game where the cash prize gets bigger as long as nobody wins. If you want to play progressive slots, you must consider some stuff before pressing the spin button.

Nowadays, modern slot machines contain complicated algorithms, making it harder for some players to win. Some of them have five reels, and the paylines comes in an extensive selection of patterns. The easiest way to explain paylines is to compare it with bingos. Usually, they start running from left to right, but sometimes, they have zig-zag patterns.

3 Different Progressive Jackpot Slots

progressive slots jackpot slots

According to our research, you will find three different types of progressive slot machine games. The stand-alone progressive slot is the most common.

This type is where the jackpot prize is exclusive to one specific slot game machine. Every lost bet fuels the total cash prize in that particular unit. Therefore, the jackpot will not increase unless someone plays on it.

The second one is called the local area network (LAN) progressive slot. It is where multiple slot machines share the same cash prize within the same casino. If a gambler plays on a particular unit connected to the same network of other slots, he will see identical jackpot prizes among those machines.

The third one is the wide-area progressive slot. It is where a particular machine is connected with multiple ones in different casinos. Most of these slots have massive jackpots since many people are playing them.

3 Useful Expert Tips Win at Progressive Slots

Considering some strategies in winning progressive slot machines is better than playing with luck alone. As more bets are placed in a particular slot machine, the jackpot prize increases and approaches its winning amount.

Choose a machine with the highest prize

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One of the best techniques in playing progressive slots is to choose a machine that approaches the maximum or highest prize allowed.

Most professional gamblers choose these machines since their bets can push it even more to win. However, there is one problem with this technique. What is the highest jackpot prize?

Check the minimum and maximum possible limit

progressive slots possible limits

According to experts, it is relatively quick to determine the maximum or highest limit for stand-alone slot machines.

You only have to look at the jackpot amounts posted at your casino.

How much do these machines never go under or over? Those numbers are the minimum and maximum prizes of your preferred slot.

Observe other gamblers' strategies

If you are a beginner, you must always observe other gamblers playing your preferred slot machines. This way, you can quickly have a reasonable guess on how to get the jackpot prize.


As we've mentioned earlier, winning at progressive slots is not as hard as the other casino games. Thousands of people win these games every day, and you have to try it since you have the best chances of winning as anyone else. The only strategy is to remember its maximum possible limit and if possible, play the game for the first time with your deposit bonus.

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