3 Genie Wishes


If you're looking for a casino game that's pure fun and a whole lot of excitement, look no further than 3 Genie Wishes. Developed by Vivendi Universal Games and distributed by Universal Studios, 3 Genie Wishes is set to be released on Xbox Live Arcade and PlayStation Network in early 2021. If you love cartoons and wish your gaming to emulate your favorite animated family show, this is the game for you.

In quick summary, 3 Genie Wishes is a downloadable application that is a pay-to-play video game (meaning you need to purchase the actual game) that features several characters from popular animated cartoon shows. The object of the game is to make wagers on specific symbols from the cartoon shows that are then drawn against a backdrop of chroma-based icons. You can also use “spinning paylines” to indicate which way a symbol is turning – for example, a red spinning line will indicate that something is coming towards you, while a white “broken line” will indicate that something will miss you. Graphics, sounds and animations are all very top-notch. 3 Genie Wishes also has a great graphic style, featuring cartoon renditions of the wish icons.

It doesn't matter whether you like the Disney versions of your favorite animated heroes or want to play 3 Genie wishes slot machines for some pure fun and entertainment, you won't have to look far. 3 Genie slots are available right now for free online at several different sites, and they look like they'll soon be popping up in more locations as well. So what are you waiting for – get playing!

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