Banana Rock


With its wild spins and generous free bets that promise you a huge win, this popular casino game that many call “The King of Online Slots” is what Play N Go do best. Their last couple of games were extremely volatile, which meant many a guest at the casino was left scratching his head in confusion as to how to actually bet on this game. Well, now they've gone back to square one with a brand new release called “The King Of Slots” which promises to be the most exciting release yet from Play N Go.

The new version of banana slot machine is set to include new graphics, an all new bonus system, and several other new features not seen in any of the previous versions. The new graphics are a nice change, as are the extra mini chips that are included, along with the old time favorite theme song. The new mini-chips allow the player to rotate a slot with them and also add another layer of strategy when trying to decide what to play. The included bonus system will allow players to earn points which can in turn be used to purchase additional spins and paid off in cash at the casino.

It's been almost 20 years since the release of the original “banana rock” and it seems like the casino game may finally get a complete overhaul. The new graphics will most likely be nicer than those seen in the last version, as well as featuring more cartoon faces which will hopefully encourage some children to take up the game. The band members however, will most likely just be on stage performing their songs as they are always featured in the top slots games on the circuit, which should only lead to a more entertaining experience for everyone.

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