Rainforest Magic


Rainforest Magic is a brand new casino game coming to land in Las Vegas. The exciting jungle theme comes alive on the colorful, full-size grid of this brand new five-reel virtual slot machine. This is sure to be one of your must-visit slots games as you embark upon your trip to the Las Vegas Strip.

Take your cue from the beautiful colorful screens to determine what kind of reel spin, that's right – the Rainforest Magic reels feature a lush green jungle environment as opposed to the bright blue skies and cheerful palm trees of other reels in the market today. In addition to its beautiful appearance, the colorful graphics and sounds of the Rainforest Magic reel add a captivating feel to the casino game itself. If you are playing the game with a group of friends or family, you can each try your luck on different reels so that you can see which one creates the most vibrant and lively scenes among your group. This is sure to be an amusing and enjoyable way to spend your time while you are visiting the glamorous Las Vegas Strip. Who knows, you may even want to trade stories about the last Rainforest Magic bet of yours!

In order to maximize your fun while playing the reels, you must also try to identify the different symbols representing the Rainforest Magic. Each of these symbols can only be spun and collected once. Once collected, all the player's teams will have to face off against each other in order to determine which mystery symbol they have in common. The mystery symbols are as follows: a pine bough, a palm tree, a coconut, a frog, a leaf, a snail, and a star. Collecting all the mystery symbols is no easy task – but it is certainly a fun and challenging way to play the exciting casino game of Rainforest Magic.

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