Teddy Bears Picnic


Teddy Bears Picnic is an addictive, free to play, online slot game based on the famous cartoon series, featuring Taffy the Teddy Bear. In this game, a child must select a bear and perform his or her act – dangle a bear in mid-air, shake hands with the bear, eat an apple, etc. Once the player has selected a bear, he/she will be required to place his/her finger on the screen in order to trigger the action. If the action is performed successfully, the character of that particular bear will spring forward and go into the next phase. The more often the finger is touched, the higher the score; the more points the player earns per stage.

Teddy Bears Picnic is basically a free online slot game released and developed by Playtika Ltd. for both iOS and Android platforms. The free online video slot Teddy Bears Picnic presents the famous animated cartoon teddy bears by Nextgen Games, taking us back to some happy childhood memories. This is the second instalment of the Teddy Bears franchise, after Teddy Bears Holiday Party Game. The best part of the free Teddy Bears Picnic games is that they do not require any payment, and that's a clear indication of the level of popularity of the concept. You can simply enjoy the game whenever you want, without thinking about paying any money or investing any amount of time in it.

Reel machines are generally used as a source of casino winnings, but depending on the specific type of reel (the number of symbols on the reels), they can be used as a source of free slot machine money as well. When playing the Teddy Bears Picnic slot machine, you must remember that the icons usually represent money, so that you should carefully study the icons and make sure you understand what each symbol represents before selecting it. Some of the symbols are basic house values (like “H”, “D” and “E”), while others display different monetary values, like “Peg”, “Credit”, “Cashier”, etc. Other symbols can change the pay lines, which can either increase or decrease your expected winnings, depending on the exact outcome of the icons you choose.

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