Valley of the Gods


Valley of the Gods is a slot machine that features an endless array of graphics as well as sounds to help you enjoy the gaming experience. It has been designed for optimal gaming and fun and is one of the most popular casinos as well as online slots among many users. It is also commonly referred to as the God's slot. It was created by Steve Atena who worked as an employee of the Bankruptcy Company, later he later became a consultant and designer.

Valley of the Gods is a multi-player free slot machine that was designed by Steve Atena and Bill Geist. It is based on the ancient Egyptian mythology and features a number of characters that include an evil god and some who are loyal to him. The slot machine Valley of the Gods is based on an ancient Egyptian myth where the story revolves around a person who builds a statue of a god and when told that this statue needs to be guarded at all times since it may attack people. Hence this is why a temple was built to guard it. Now it is up to you to find the key inside the statue. The story goes that if you are able to find the key, then you will be able to take over the temple and use it for yourself.

The game Valley of the Gods was designed by Bill Geist and Steve Atena and was one of the earliest versions of a casino game and was released in April of 1996. The game was designed by two of the pioneers of the design concept of video games, John Carmel and Warren Spector. This Egyptian themed slot machine game was first programmed by Steve Atena who programmed it while he was still employed by the Bankruptcy Inc. company as a senior designer. The game was only released in Europe but eventually got localized in America as well. You can download the game from a number of websites on the internet.

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